River Days Reaps New NAMI Enthusiasts

From the NAMI booth at River Days the question was often posed to passer-bys “Have you heard of NAMI?” More often than not the answer was no and more often than not they were also willing to learn about us and take some brochures. What was most gratifying, however, was talking with those who have a loved one with a mental illness and didn’t realize we are here to help. One man, in particular, spent about half an hour talking about his young, adult-aged child who was experiencing the emergence of mental illness while in the midst of a successful but highly stressful new career. He talked to us at length and was very pleased to learn about our free Family-to-Family courses and to learn that we are here for him and his family to offer support, resources and hope. We also added many to our maililng list that day, spread the word about our walk and recruited some new volunteers. Thanks to all who stopped by our booth!