Today I had a new experience; I worked the polls. After voting in Fairfield Township, I went to Fairfield Middle School, where I stood in a designated space for people promoting various causes and pitched Issue 11 to mostly retirees and moms with young children. You don’t have much time to connect with a person but I did my best. I really admire one lady in particular who stopped and asked me to explain what Issue 11 was all about and the services that it helped support. People were upbeat and supportive and I often heard “You’ve got my vote!” It was a beautiful day and my spot at the Middle School gave me a great view of some gorgeous foliate. I loved the red leaves in particular.

The evening found me at the VOA Lodge. The weather was still cooperating as I pitched the after work crowd. Most people gave me the thumbs up. I watched a great sunset and before I knew it the moon was keeping us company.

It reminded me of the recent NAMI Walk but in reverse. I arrived to help set up while the moon was in the sky and left when the sun was shining brightly. Thanks to all of you for helping to make the levy pass. It’s been a great day!